Quality Management: Principles, Tools & Techniques

This course explains the quality principles, how to utilize the improvement tools effectively, how to run an effective organizational improvement program and achieve real business results in the modern busy world.

This course is a no nonsense practical introduction to the quality principles that all of your staff will relate to, presented by a highly experienced and well versed practitioner with proven organizational results. The text book Principles of Quality are presented as they apply to the real world with many examples of their application and implications to your world that will leave you with no confusion as to what they mean to your business and your personal life. The interactive exercises and discussions will include many examples and anecdotes that will establish an understanding and relevance for all attendees.

The tools of quality will be explained and demonstrated in a mix of real life situations, not clinical text book examples, chosen to help each individual attendee master their use. The technical details will be covered plus how to apply each tool in a wide variety of situations with worked examples to illustrate the application. The tools will be demonstrated in simple to setup scenarios or using computers and sophisticated software packages.

The course will apply the lessons on the principles and tools of quality and will provide a framework for each applicant to take back to their own individual workplace that can be applied immediately. The course will include a follow up session where the retention of the material covered in the course and the ability to be applied in the workplace are reviewed. This includes a troubleshooting session to discuss and provide workable solutions to the problems that can often occur in taking classroom scenarios into the real workplace.

The course will include full course notes, references to text books that are "worth having" and a free copy of the Improvement Handbook.

This course is highly suitable as an in house adjunct to a corporate improvement program or as a public course to expand the capabilities your quality staff. This course is particularly valuable to your new professionals joining the business who need to get up to scratch on "quality" quickly.


Sydney - CMAA Career Development Centre
67-73 St Hillier's Road


3 days    9.00 am to 5:00 pm


$1100.00 for members of AOQ (GST inclusive)
$1320 .00 for non-members of AOQ (GST inclusive)

(AOQ members receive a 10% discount for three or more people attending from the same organisation on the same course)

The cost includes coffee/tea on arrival, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, course notes and workshop materials.

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