AOQ-NSW Six Sigma Services

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AOQ-NSW offers a complete range of Six Sigma implementation, both standard and tailored programs to suit your organizational needs. These include:

AOQ-NSW offers public training courses in Six Sigma White Belt / Introductory, Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Six Sigma Green Belt Introduction. These courses can also be provided on your premises, tailored to your own needs and dates, at specially negotiated rates.

One of the objectives of the AOQ-NSW is to provide members and other clients with cost effective training services with the highest standard of expertise and desired outcomes to meet the needs of our customers.

AOQ-NSW Six Sigma strategy is one of the programs utilised by AOQ NSW to continually improve the desired outcomes of processes, projects and services. This strategy is made to measure and to meet the need of our customers.

Six Sigma is a disciplined methodology which uses statistical process control (SPC) techniques to reduce variation in business processes. By reducing variation any organization can reduce cost, improve cycle times, reduce customer complaints and improve the bottom line.

AOQ NSW has excellent training, consulting, coaching and auditing resources including our AOQ Six Sigma Master Black Belt and support team.

AOQ Master Black Belt and ASQ-CSSBB Vas KANDIAH

AOQ & OZ-Lean Six Sigma-Partners!! LSS Weekend Courses – 2013-14.

LSS Courses



Cost $ Member

Non M

LSS Trainers

Month 1


Month 2


Month 3





M $440

NM $528

VK + LM + SL


1st Saturday of the Month

1st Saturday of the Month

1st Saturday of the Month





M $900


VK + LM + SL


1st & 2nd Saturdays of the Month

1st & 2nd Saturdays of the Month*

1st & 2nd Saturdays of the Month





M $3250


VK + LM + SL


Conducted over a  period of 3 months; dates will be discussed with the participants.




BLACK On Request


Costs details can be requested from AOQ.

VK + LM + SL

Conducted over a   period  of 6 months and dates will be discussed with the participants.





On Request


Costs details can be requested from AOQ.

VK + LM + SL

Workshop dates will be agreed with the participants.




Abbreviations & Notes :

LSS = Lean Six Sigma, LSSWB = Lean Six Sigma WHITE Belt, LSSYB = Lean Six Sigma YELLOW Belt

LSSGB = Lean Six Sigma GREEN Belt, LSSMB= Lean Six Sigma MASTER Belt. M= Member, NM= Non Member,

tba= To Be Advised, GST= Goods & Services Tax, PPTs= Power Points, ASAP+ As Soon As Possible

Date Example: Sep 2009 *Cycle + Sa19*B = Saturday 19 Sep. 2009 *LSSBB Course Cycle B

OZLSSP= OZ-Lean Six Sigma-Partners- AOQ Training providers for all LSS Programs

NOTE 1: LSS Trainers: VS= Vas KANDIAH (ASQ-CSSBB = ASQ-Certified Six Sigma Black Belt), LM= Lou MAGRITZER, (ASQ-CSSGB = ASQ-Certified Six Sigma Green Belt), SL = Sandy Larson (ASQ-SSGB)

Business Support is available from AOQ-LSS Champion, Shan RUPRAI, Pres. Elect-AOQ & Pres. APQO.

NOTE 2: Training Venue is the Auburn RSL (dependant upon on Class size)

Final location will be advised ASAP before the training date.

NOTE 3: Venue Auburn RSL Club, 33 Northumberland Road, NSW, 2144, Tel. 02-9646-3133,

By Train and Walking: ~3 minutes from the Auburn Railway Station (towards Parramatta Road). By Car: Parking in RSL car park.

NOTE 4: In case the min. class size of 5 trainees is not achieved for any advertised LSS course,then AOQ & OZ-Lean Six Sigma-Partners, reserve the right to offer any applicant first choice, in a subsequent scheduled LSS course.

NOTE 5: Prices are inclusive of GST.

NOTE 6: Prices include course material handouts eg PPT, Test / Quiz sheets, Continuous Improvement Results, Trainee Certificate of Attainment, Name Tags. Course Evaluation sheets, Course Notes/PPT

Also coffee and tea on arrival, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, where applicable.

NOTE 7: Quotations will be made available on request for in-house courses conducted at your facilities or RSL

NOTE 8: Courses and PPTs can also be modified to suit any client’s specific requirements.

*NOTE 9: LSS Program enquiries are most welcome to Lou MAGRITZER and Vas KANDIAH CC Email:

Note 10: Technical /LSS queries may be emailed direct to the trainers : Vas KANDIAH or Lou MAGRITZER cc SS Champion, Shan RUPRAI<>.

*NOTE 11:Suggested improvements are most welcome by all readers and Program/ Flyer . Web changes may be made without notice, only by agreement of OZ-Lean Six Sigma-Partners and AOQ.

NOTE 12: This webpage cum flyer is aimed to reach 1) all current AOQ members & companies and *2)any other interested parties.

(V 6, 2013/14 - JR)

For further information Email: Lou MAGRITZER

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