Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training Module

The Yellow Belt course is designed to provide a broad understanding of the Six Sigma improvement methodology, concepts, language and tools of basic process improvement methods applied within the Six Sigma DMAIC framework. This course is targeted for a broader audience of Six Sigma team members who need to be familiar with the overall DMAIC process and the basic tools of process improvement in order to be more effective participants in improvement projects. This course will allow the successful participants to naturally progress to the AOQ Green Belt Training Module.

Prerequisite: Completion of Six sigma White Belt Course

Learning Outcome

At the completion of this course the participants would be in a position to perform the following tasks as part of a Six Sigma project tem:

1. Ability to explain the DMAIIC process
2. Map processes using SIPOC methodology
3. Calculate DPMO
4. Develop and use data collection tools
5. Perform Trend analysis
6. Develop Cause and Effect Diagram
7. Use descriptive statistical tools to present Six Sigma project data
8. Use of brainstorming tool

Course Outline

Day 1: Define and Measure
DMAIC and SIPOC revision, DPMO and Sigma Level Calculation, Histogram, Pareto Chart, Trend Chart, Scatter Plot, Cause & Effect Diagram.

Class Test, Open book, 20 Questions: DMAIC, DPMO, SIPOC, Pareto Chart, Trend Charts,
Assignment for presentation on Day 2: SIPOC, Cause & Effect Diagram

Day 2: Analyze, Improve and Control
Root Cause Analysis (5-Why), Brainstorming, Piloting a Solution, Control Plan and XmR Control Chart

Assignment Presentation: SIPOC, Cause & Effect Diagram


Your pathway to AOQ Black Belt Certification

* White Belt Certificate Course
o WB Course Completion
* Yellow Belt Certificate Course
o YB Course completion
* Green Belt Course Participation Certificate
o GB Course completion
o GB Exam passed
* Green Belt Certification
o GB Projects Completed
* Black Belt Certification

o BB Course completion
o BB Projects Completed
o BB Exam passed

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